Salt, Light & Glory

Salt & Light Photographer: Me:)

Salt & Light
Photographer: Porch Baby

We are to be salt & light to the world.  If you have a talent, especially if that talent comes easily to you, recognize it as a gift from God & use it!  Don’t use it as the world thinks you should (our culture thinks that every talent should be packaged & sold).  Be obedient; do what God wants with your talent/light, even if it seems crazy & let Him sweat the details & how far he’ll take it.  Of course, being a light, means sharing your relationship with Jesus with others & your talents are one God-given way to do that.  If you are a believer & don’t shine your light or use your talent & you know that God has been pushing you to do so…you’ll come to understand what ‘the fear of God’ truly means. Selah:)

Salt–too much & your dish is awful & your health is taxed; too little & your culinary creations are dull.  Such is the Christian life to the world.  Everything in moderation, including our seasonings with seekers. (from my 365 Bible & Journaling album, 2010 on; also visit &

This prior introduction leads into today’s journal entries, because I am using my talents & letting God sweat the details and outcome of my pages unfurled.  Honestly, I want to edit my ancient ramblings so that I don’t seem crazy, but my heavenly leading is to ‘go forth.’   To my friends, family and acquaintances along the way, I love and pray for you often through my prayer writings.  I pray that you receive these and future entries with warmth and love in return.

God bless.

Monday, August 19, 2002

The 18th has come and gone…Your will, not mine…Your will, not mine.

Today the kids start school.  Please be with them.  Make them strong, keep them safe.  Please make their time here brief as possible.

Lord, I’d also like to pray for several people at church:  Ken & Angie-please bless them with a beautiful child & help Angie to continue to heal & please bless Ken’s consulting business.  Please bless Mary & Scott with the upcoming adoption of their baby; please be with the birth mother to make a strong, wise decision.  Please bless all the marriages at church.  Please be with the Garners as they struggle with their separation.  Make their kids strong & looking to You.  Bless Ben & Dee, having them look to You & each other as their business struggles  Please help Ron & his wife as Ron continues to look for work, as with us, please bring the right people to them & us that will bring the right job that will ultimately serve You.

Please be with Greg today with his interview with Oracle & his phone call with Perot.  Thank You now for Your incredible healing and answers.

Please prepare hearts & homes for Anthony & Michael, the lost boys of Sudan, that they might find work & homes after their long struggles.  Thank You for keeping me from such evil.

God's glory on an average day

God’s glory on an average day.
The cross–forver the central theme.
Photographer: Porch Baby

Friday, August 23, 2002

You spoke to me in a dream at 5:33 this morning.  In the dream I saw a young guy who said, “Watch this” as if he were going to do something clever.  Then I saw a newspaper headline that read, “Apologies from the city of Habakkuk” and I bugged my eyes & said “Habakkuk?!”  Then, as I slept, my brain was filled with flashing light and You said, “This is for you & only you.”  I lay there waiting for more then got up.  I re-read Habakkuk 2.  But where I opened the Bible was at Jeremiah 33 where You speak of Peace & Prosperity for the cities of Isreal & Judah.  Several times You spoke directly to Jeremiah.

Help me, Jehovah, to understand all of this.  I pray for Greg, Lord, at what You will tell him.

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Thank You for yesterday.  Greg and I had such a great peace all day.

Today, I am beginning a Bible study, “Listening to God” and am praying for spiritual eyes & ears so that I may see & hear Your will.  I pray for new insights into Your Word.  And I pray for courage to accept what You will have me become, say & do.

As I re-read Jeremiah 33:3, “Ask me & I will tell you some remarkable secrets about what is going to happen here,” I see this for the first time.  I skimmed over this yesterday, but now, I pray those exact words to You, if you want to tell me.

The “Listening” study had me read 1Corinthians 2:9-10, which says (10 only) “But we know about these things because God has sent His Spirit to tell us & His Spirit searches out & shows us all of God’s deepest secrets.”  And I say, “Wow!”

I see another reference about rebuilding cities in Isaiah 59: 9-12.  Tell me Lord, what are these connections about rebuilding cities?

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Good morning, Jehovah.  My “Listening” study asks for what the Bible says to me regarding John 3:16.  Repetition always works with me.  Every time I hear ‘the Good News’ my thought process & response is: 1)  “Really?!  Wow!”, 2) “Is that possible & true?”, 3) Of course it’s true”, 4) “Thank You, Lord for dying for my sins & for ME!”

I used to think that going through that process every time meant that my faith was not as strong as I thought, but now I know that my ‘child-like faith’ needs repetition and reminders of how much He loves me & my family. Thank You, Jesus, for saving us all.  Now, I pray for those who are not saved by Your ‘Good News:’ Mom, Mom, Mom.  Lord, please never give up knocking on her heart, pushing Satan away & dispelling all of her secular arguments, letting go of inhibitions, hypocracy & embarrassment & accepting Your love & comfort & gifts.


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