Praying in My Husband



Greg & I were married in a church in Austin and held our reception at Willie Nelson’s place. The Alvin Crow band played all night and I taught my new yankee in-laws how to do the Cotton-Eyed Joe & the Schottische.

As I and my two girl friends strutted around the North Forty dance floor looking for one of their boyfriends, I had a God moment.  Just like in the movies, all went hazy around me as I first saw Greg’s blue eyes.  They seemed to come towards me even though his feet did not move.  The sensation radiating from my inner being must be what it’s like to feel the hand of God.  I had written in my prayer journal back in 1985 that God would let me know when He would answer my prayer for a best friend.  As you’ll see in my journal entries, I prayed often for my future husband, with His answer coming ten days after the last post when we met, danced to ‘Footloose’ and I taught my new yankee to kicker dance.

I pause blogging from my journals starting in 2003 when Greg and I journeyed through job loss while raising our three kids (see previous posts).  Today, we celebrate my 26th wedding anniversary and how God answers prayers.

Below is is an entry into my first prayer journal from June 29, 1985.



Greg and I met in Austin at the North Forty, through friends ten days after this post.  The night before, on August 16th, my friend Becky prayed with me for my best friend.



I cherish that I can see my heart on these pages.  I know the date that we first said ‘I love you.’




And I know when we first prayed together.



Prayed in and prayed through, our marriage is a divine appointment.  Now, I pray for my children’s future marriages that they too will have the honor and joy of living life for Him with their divine someone.






3 thoughts on “Praying in My Husband

  1. Aww…It reminded me of my journal from Dec 31st/2012 when I wrote all Holy Spirit downloaded into my spirit. Reading your post felt like God telling me to just hold on to your hope a little longer and it shall come to pass. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! You made my day! Hope is power. God has our plans all figured out, we just need to keep focused on Him, trust, and let Him do all the work.
      How wonderful that you know when God’s Holy Spirit washed over you! Learning to recognize it moving is an everyday thing. Many blessings to you!

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