‘Untitled’ (flash fiction #1)

I’m taking a quick break from my usual MyRedJournals entries to try my hand at Flash Fiction (a quick story of 1,000 words). Here’s the deal: read story below, tell me what you think it’s about then I will comment in a few days to reveal what it really is. Can’t wait to hear what y’all think!


painting by Jodie Wilk/The Porch Baby


Man-handled, stripped and sliced on the bias, Rosa’s outer layers finally gave way. Her protective covering that had wrapped her tightly when she was emerging in the sunlight, now lofted downward on a bare breeze before landing unwanted on the polished cement. Wasn’t it only yesterday she had stretched her neck to the near cloudless sky and offered praise for her contentment and provision? She had thought how fortunate she was to be rooted in a grand place with others of her kind, all vibrantly displaying themselves for the one who had brought them there. Of course there were times of plucking and soaking and, afterwards, she always felt depleted and spent. But she had been young then; just starting out. Now that she had released her inner beauty and let all who wanted to view, do so, she didn’t hold back. She didn’t care that some would buzz and linger, in fact she encouraged it. Those pests may have stolen a piece of her, but they could never take her pride.
Then, on a misty, cool morning, the clamp of blades cut Rosa from all she had known. Plucked in her prime and processed. Her prickly supports were no defense to her captor’s eventual purpose. Carried through a dark hall, footfalls echoing on marble floors, Rosa and a bevy of friends were placed on display. She stretched and showcased her inner velvety folds, allowing her fragrance to welcome passersby. I could have been selected to comfort sorrow or profess love, but I, thought Rosa, have been cultivated for this noble goal as cheery ambassador in my father’s house.


5 thoughts on “‘Untitled’ (flash fiction #1)

  1. I read this out loved to Alex and he responded halfway through “It’s a rose.” Loved it! Love the painting.

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