About The PorchBaby


My sisters called me a porch baby..a critter left on the doorstep, chosen to liven things up! 
No truth to it, of course (I’ve got my mother’s thighs & my daddy’s nose), but I’ve always loved the cradled feeling such a nickname saddled me with.

Creativity and ‘gitter done’ runs in my family.  Ever since my great grandmother Bessie rocked me on our porch on Corona Street in Austin, Texas, my family has been sewing, painting, building or blingin’ something from nothing.  

Journaling is no different.  In fact, I’ve discovered through my 30+ years of prayer journaling that God is the original ‘gitter done’ creative critter!  He’s the one who put the creative spark in all these years–dancing, teaching dance and doing choreography, making props & theatre sets, writing plays, sewing bags & quilts, and decorating on a shoestring.  

And through it all, God has taught me that I have done none of it.  He’s the one who sparks the Lucy Ricardo look that a crazy idea has hatched.  Then after the creation (including the questions, struggles, happy-dances, and pitfalls) I write in MyRedJournals how amazed I am at His creation.

His latest crazy idea?  Blog.  Put my 30 years of prayer journaling out there.  Since 1983 I have kept a red journal–well, actually the last four are red, a theme I continued after my  oldest sister gave me my first red journal as a going away gift when my family & I moved to Canada.  The first journal is blue, given to me by my Rangerette Big Sis in 1983 and the second is a fabric-covered book–a popular crafty item of the late 80’s.

Just before Rangerette practice. 1983, Kilgore, Texas

Just before Rangerette practice. 1983, Kilgore, Texas

The blue and fabric journals are the yearnings and learnings of my younger self in the midst of college and meeting and falling in love with my now husband of almost 26 years.  Those may be posted at another time–look forward to the prequel:)

The Red Journals begin at a time when God and I got serious.  Prior to my first entry, I had begun my own version of the prayer of Jabez.  Unbeknownst to me, my husband, Greg, was actually praying the Jabez prayer at the same time.  Well, God showed up and expanded our territory and moved us from Texas to Canada and then back to Texas 18 months later into a month-to-month apartment with three grade schoolers and no job.   And that’s where the first red journal begins.

I’ll tell you more about myself as I go along with each entry, but you should know that I’m a fairly private person.  Opening these pages and reliving them as I type seems necessary now that I am empty-nesting.  I won’t be holding anything back–no editing from my early morning scribbling while curled up on our red club chair, with the requisite coffee.  I’m ‘putting it out there’ because of His leading and I hope it resonates.



2 thoughts on “About The PorchBaby

    • Dani,
      I responded to your WONDERFUL SHOUT OUT when you posted this back in April. I reposted your kindness, tweeted and texted my family about making your list! What I’m seeing now is that I had not responded via your message to me here. Sorry for the rude delay!!
      You taking the time to read my blog and share it with your friends means the world!!
      Perusing your blog is like talking, curled up on the couch with a good friend and a pint of rocky road!! You’re an ocean away, but you write like a dear confidant. So very sorry about the loss of your mother:( Praying for peace and comfort and little nudges from heaven that she is here by your side:) Congrats on the job!! Soak up the inspired kids; shake off the irritating ones–I’ve been teaching forever, so I know. Blessings to you and thanks again and again!
      Jodie, the PorchBaby

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